Where Can I Get Free Pigeon Removal?

Free pigeon removal is going to be very hard to come by, especially if you live in an area where there are high pigeon populations. Unfortunately, this is most places where large groups of people can be found. People are most just a very good source of food to the birds, but usually provide them with plenty of shelter, too. Just like rats, pigeons have learned that living alongside humans gives them the best chance of survival.

Pigeon removal is actually a much greater job than many home and property owners take into account, and the bigger the job, the higher the prices will rise. A basic and very simple pigeon removal job might not set you back that much, but when you start looking to pigeon dropping cleanup and thorough cleaning, the modifications required to prevent the birds from getting to that spot again, and repairing the damage that even a small flock of these birds can cause, the price starts to rise. That's why it's best to get the job done properly and efficiently as soon as you notice you have a pigeon problem.

Why won't the local authorities help me with free pigeon removal?

Although you might be lucky and find that ONE local authorities employee who is willing to help you out with your cause, usually in extreme situations, you'll find that they just don't have the resources necessary to solve every single pigeon-related problem in that area. In reality, it is actually the homeowners responsibility to ensure that the land is free from pests, including flying ones. It is also quite simple to keep these birds away from your property ... But only when you know exactly the right tools to use.

How much will a professional company charge to remove pigeons?

If you just had one or two pigeons in your attic that need to be removed, the job will probably set you back a couple of hundred dollars. The more complex the job gets, the more it will cost. If you have a few birds, with the start of an established nest, and a bunch of droppings to clean away, it might go up to around $400-$600. If you have a number of pigeons that continually come back and that have already built up a mound of droppings that is starting to cause damage, as well as other patches of damage, the cost of pigeon removal might go up to $1,000 and more.

The longer you leave the flock where it is, the more it will cost you to put right again.

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