What Should I Do If My Neighbor Has Birds?

If your neighbor isn't aware of the bird problem, or you don't think they are, it is a smart move to go around, say hello, and let them know what you have seen. There's a chance that they may not have seen the small flock gathering on top of the roof during the day, and they may not be aware that the birds are flying in and out of the attic space in the evenings and first thing in the morning, too. A good neighbor would let them know about the problem.

If you don't know your neighbor that well, it could be seen that you are telling them what to do, so it might be worth making them aware that the birds are causing you and your property problems. Are they defecating all over your yard? Wreaking havoc with your pets? Ruining areas that your kids usually play in? There's a good chance that explaining the situation to your neighbor will prompt them to come up with a removal method promptly, especially once they become aware that it's actually hindering your life.

Whether you go around and see your neighbor or not, we highly recommend taking preventative measures to ensure the birds don't become a permanent fixture in your backyard. All bird feeders should be removed until all birds have been safely evicted. You should also look at protecting patches of greenery that the birds enjoy eating, something quite easily done with wooden spokes and mesh wire netting stretched over them, to create a cage-like structure. If you can see the birds perched on your roof and leaving poop all over the place, you can put bird spikes there to prevent them from landing there. You can also take the same approach with areas such as windowsills and fence or wall-tops.

Whether your neighbor listens to your good advice/warning or not, you should make sure that you're doing whatever you can do to try and protect your property. The feces of birds is well known to carry a host of diseases, some of which can actually prove fatal if not treated correctly, or diagnosed and then treated early enough. It's not worth taking the risk when the safety of you, your family, and your pets are involved.

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