Will Rice Kill Pigeons?

No, rice will not kill pigeons. We're sorry to bust the internet-spread bubble, but someone really did get it seriously wrong when they suggested using rice — a FOOD source — to try and repel birds such as pigeons.

Let's start with the really obvious flaw in this plan .. Rice is a food source. It's a food source that looks very much like a nut or a seed, and it's probably quite tasty to any bird, pigeon or otherwise. If you throw rice, cooked or raw, around your back garden, you're going to attract pest animals, not repel them or kill them. Even if this flawed plan were to work, you'd attract another pest in the quest to rid your land of pigeons. It's a counterproductive action.

We'll move on to the next point — rice doesn't kill pigeons. It just doesn't kill them. It feeds them. They'll think you're feeding them, and they'll be greatly appreciative of the act. So much so, they'll keep coming back for me. Not only that, they'll invite their biggest, baddest cousins along for the ride, too, and then they'll set up a permanent residence.

It is not recommended to try and repel a bird or any other wild critter by using a food source to do it. Unless you're using that food source in a trap, as bait, it's just not a viable action and could actually cause many more problems than it solves.

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