Pigeons on the Roof - What Can I Do About It?

You don't need to worry when you have pigeons on your roof. In fact, you do need to worry, just a little bit, but you should breathe a sigh of relief when you realize that there are ways that you can resolve this problem. Kicking back and waiting for the flock to leave is not an option here. The problem will simply multiple at almost as frightening a pace as rats and other rodents do. Did you know that pigeons are capable of breeding all-year-round, some of them with multiple births in one year? And you thought rats and rabbits were bad ...

Pigeons on the roof should be solved using something like bird spike strips or netting. Repellents don't work in any capacity, and you're going to need to go up onto the roof to inspect the building, so you might as well kill two proverbial birds with one stone, and take the spike strips or netting up with you. And if you don't head up to the roof and into the attic to check out the mass of destruction the pigeons have probably left behind, you're not doing the job right and they'll just be right back. You must seal up every single nook and cranny to ensure these flying vermin can't get back in. 

You will want to be specific about the actual problem itself to better treat it. You will need to know every surface that these birds are landing or roosting on because every single one of them will need to be treated — sealed, reinforced, cleaned and disinfected. In case you weren't aware, pigeon feces can actually be deadly. (And no, we're not overreacting about that. Pigeon feces CAN kill. It HAS killed.)

Different bird species will need to be dealt with in slightly different ways. Pigeons are quite large birds, so will require a larger size of spike strips and netting to keep them out. You will run into problems if you try to use pest bird control items for the wrong bird. Larger pigeons can easily get tangled up in netting that is fine and smaller-spaced, and although it might be the more aesthetically pleasing option, is difficult to see by larger species. At the same time, if you have smaller birds along with your pigeons, using larger netting will allow for the smaller birds to simply pass right through. A similar problem can arise with bird spike strips, too. The larger spikes can still allow for smaller birds to sit in among them.

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