Will a Water Gun Work Against Pest Pigeons?

Any kind of activity from you in the same area as a flock of pigeons will cause them to fly away. Although they live closely alongside humans, mostly to take advantage of the many food sources and places of shelter they offer, they still aren't entirely tamed animals. If you approach them, they won't stick around for too long to find out what you want. As far as they are concerned, although you're feeding them, you're still very much a larger animal ... and a predator.

Heading out in the backyard and making a noise is the best thing you can do to get rid of pigeons right at that moment, but it might not prove to be the most time-effective solution, and nor will it work as a long-term strategy for pigeon control. The same thing applies to using a water gun or similar to try and disperse them. Yes, projecting water in their direction is likely to send them packing, but as soon as you have turned your back and gone back into the building and the ground has dried up, those pigeons will be right back. Again, using a water gun doesn't work as a long-term strategy.

The thing with pigeons is that they have a very good memory. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing they have that makes them a fierce opponent for humans. They can fly great distances with ease as well as having a fabulous memory, so by not coming up with a long-term strategy for pigeon control might just come around again to bite you. This might be one year down the line, or perhaps even longer than that, but they will remember that roosting spot and plentiful source of food, and they will come back to investigate it again. If they are able to get in or get access to the food they're looking for, you'll have a long-term resident.

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